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Promotional Products

Our unique range of promotional products will be sure to offer you a great return on investment and appreciation from your valued clients. Kika Promotions offers the best selection of standard promotional items such as: printed pens, branded promotional hats, corporate and outdoor clothing and apparel, key rings and key chains, eco bags, tote bags & promotional bags. We also stock more specialised items like branded golf merchandise, corporate jewellery and other ingenious corporate gifts. We are able to custom make products and clothing to your specifications. Ask us and we’ll try our best to make it happen!

Here are more reasons why you should consider the use of promotional items as part of your company’s marketing mix:

  1. Branded promotional products are a personal gift. In tough times a stronger focus on interpersonal marketing and business relationships can pay dividends when general advertising is not having its usual effect.
  2. Giving away corporate gifts and promotional products keeps your name and contact details on a client's desk.


Kika was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs. The legendary Kika-Sack™ stormed the South African corporate gift scene in 2008 and became a brand all of its own...

Kika Promo has seasoned experience in bulk order procurement - 17 years! Let us become your 'silent partner' in procuring only the highest quality branded and customised merchandise for South Africa's finest brands!

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