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Specialty Sourcing For Promotional Products

Please keep in mind that speciality imported items can take 4 to 12 weeks from order, so start planning now and lets do something new in a few months time.

That said, no matter what customised promotional products you are after you can be sure that Kika will go the extra mile to find it or have it designed and manufactured to perfection. You will notice that we have many promotional products on our site. A large percentage of the products are manufactured locally, but where this is not the case, we are alble to source specialty promotional products at very short notice. Many of South African top 100 organisations have utilised our professional services to source unique promotional products for their marketing campaigns.

Here is an example of a custom made promotional product that we have recently worked on. KIKA took the project from design brief to manufactured sample within a very tight deadline and completed the task of mass production with exemption but more importantly on time! On closer inspection you'll see that the below product in question is a space age money bank with glow in the dark branding. A novel item that was produced to perfection and well received by the South African public.


Kika was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs. The legendary Kika-Sack™ stormed the South African corporate gift scene in 2008 and became a brand all of its own...

Kika Promo has seasoned experience in bulk order procurement - 17 years! Let us become your 'silent partner' in procuring only the highest quality branded and customised merchandise for South Africa's finest brands!

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